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Fide Master Sergio

IM Professional Chess Coach

Hello all! I am a 23 year old International Master professional chess player and coach with 3 years of experience providing personal lessons and group lessons. I will have my Fide trainer title very soon.

  •  • National Champion of Costa Rica, 2017.
  •  • International Master.
  •  • Played chess for 13 years.

About Me

I have won more than 50 tournaments in my life and have traveled to more than 15 different countries playing chess, including 2 chess olympiads in Khanty Masiysk, Russia 2010 and Tromoso, Norway 2014. My immediate goal is to become Grand Master.

I use a training method developed with my experience and knowledge from excellent chess books, lectures and conversations with great coaches, which I hope to share with my students. I started to apply this method a year and a half ago. I was an FM trapped in -2300 rating and after that training I became an IM with +2400 rating. Hopefully GM in the next 1-2 years considering I'm now beating IMs and GMs daily.

You can contact me by emailing or on my account, Iamyourfather.

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Training Methodology

My training method is usually structured in the following way:

  1. Calculation - Calculation method, practice with specific positions.
  2. Tactical Patterns - Tactical traning method, which puzzles to solve and how?
  3. Visualization - Develop the ability to visualize the position in your mind.
  4. Evaluation - Positional play and strategy - How to evaluate any position and what to look for in the middle game.
  5. Theory - Openings and endings. I am an expert in opening preparation, using the most modern tools to create repertoires and suggest good ideas.
  6. Psychology - Tournament players.
  7. Physical Exercise - Optional for very ambitious players.

We start by analyzing your recent games, determine your weaknesses and test your skills. Then I create a training plan according to your needs based on the analysis. I can teach you everything you need to become a master!

Don't worry if you are not a very ambitious player. We can work to improve at your pace and enjoy the game, maybe even with a different fee and activities.

Player Reviews

Great lessons, for incredible prices. One of a kind!

cavemann - ★★★★★

I had a great lesson with Sergio. He offered quite a few things in just one lesson. After a detailed intro so that he could learn more about me as a player, he played a game with me. Afterward, he went through move by move and explained strategical and tactical improvements, as well as opening theory. I like his direct, attacking-oriented style of play as well. He was also generous enough to spend some extra time in our first lesson. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Sergio--you won't regret it!

WeLearnChess - ★★★★★

A fun and strong player to play with. Will definitely play again and recommend to others.

Absfc - ★★★★★

Best coach you can get! He cares about your improvement! I have had many experiences with coaching from CM, NM, FM, and IM. Sergio not only cares about my improvement but is an amazing friend. I have had many coaches and he is definitely the best of all.

Bird182 - ★★★★★

After just two lessons with Sergio I feel much more confident in my playing. He has opened my eyes to all sorts of plans to shoot for and i have completely changed my approach to the middle game.

Wpruitt14 - ★★★★★

Sergio is an amazing coach and sincere human being. I've never worked with someone who genuinely cares about progress and growth more than him. He keeps you grounded on the fundamental ideas, while building every week on something slightly new to expand it. He is cognizant that learning isn't an overnight milestone, and perhaps gives me leeway to learn/apply the ideas at my own pace. In addition to all of that, he isn't selfish with his time or knowledge. He regularly goes beyond what I would expect from a coach, and provides support/insights/homework/games even when Im interacting with him outside of official lessons. I've really enjoyed learning from him, and expect to continue doing so !

Dextren - ★★★★★

Great chess coach. He will play a game with you, identify what you weaknesses are, and then develop a lesson plan. He is also very easy to talk to. His timing is very flexible as well. He is truly worth trying, and in my honest opinion is the biggest bang for your buck in the entire online chess coach market. He really wants his students to improve.

brff19 - ★★★★★

Excellent excellent coach! I am difficult to satisfy as a customer however Sergio was unaffected by my particularity. Sergio was willing to play games with me(this is what i usually request of my coaches. . . i want to play games!). He taught me how to play the Sicilian defense, dragon variation! He even taught me about distractions, Which I later based my entire play style around. I look forward to more sessions in the near future With Sergio. Look forward to the entire chapter In my future book which will be dedicated to Sergio and his works. Thanks again! 10/10 will hire again.

custommods - ★★★★★

Great Coach, I really enjoyed the lessons that I take with him. He can guide you to find the key imbalances of the position and can show many ideas in a seemly quiet position. These lessons serve me well to better understanding positional chess

Phoenix_lwp - ★★★★★

Sergio is a truely great coach for us. His teaching methodology approach is very clear, well structured and of course the lessons are very helpful. Beside that, he also provide you quite a lot homeworks to self study and pratice. Last but not least, given the reasonable price, He is highly recommended! Thank you!

vietnguyen - ★★★★★

Great coach! Sergio starts with the fundamentals and slowly builds up to more complex ideas. Overall, I enjoyed his lessons and learnt quite alot.

wearewala - ★★★★★

Sergio is the man! The support/resources he gives you outside of the lessons is particularly great. Overall he seems to be the best value for coaching given the price.

mrross12 - ★★★★★

During christmas we had a 3 hour chess lesson, it was crazy. He's lesson are a perfect mix of tactics, principles, and opening prep. Would recommend him to anyone.

blakesekelskey - ★★★★★

I had a wonderful experience with Sergio. I payed for an hour of training games, and was very impressed with the amount of support and explanation he gave. He's an effective teacher, and a great person.

chevere17 - ★★★★★

Sergio is a great coach and fun to work with. Lessons are trully personal - as an example: during our first meeting he spotted a recurrent theme in my games. Next lesson, he came with a very well prepared lesson dedicated to that very specific topic - Very impressed.

hallelujahcat - ★★★★★